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The way of marketing and finding customers has changed over the years

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Marketing is the responsible process of identifying, anticipating and profitably meeting customer requirements. It is the study of human nature aimed at reaching the consumer's attention and increasing their propensity to buy.

Before starting any marketing operation, it is mandatory to be in line with the branding strategy. Consistency with the message, with the identity and with the values of the brand must be preserved, creating a suitable path to achieve the objective of one's communications.

A good marketing strategy must be able to find potential customers and be found by them. They must be able to communicate to their audience why the brand has what they are looking for, taking into account their interests.


Within the strategy, marketing can be seen as an amplifier of a message (Outbound), but also as a magnet to attract your audience (Inbound).

Referring to the latter type, content marketing establishes that, instead of trying to convince your customers to buy something, you can create content that helps them, educates them and generates value. Once consumed, your potential customers will be sufficiently interested in your brand to learn more about it, walking the planned sales path.

With a content creation strategy it will be possible to gain the attention, the interest of potential consumers and their trust, acquiring authority and unbalancing them to purchase.


Campaigns are a coordinated series of messages which, conveyed through one or more channels, aim to achieve a set goal.

You know your audience and you want to reach them. You want to generate leads and acquire customers. You want to sell and build loyalty. You want to expand your market or present a product. Telling a story and making it visual. You want to persuade, inform about your values and strengths. Make an offer visible.

Exciting, teaching, packaging the message, making your products or services visible, in the right channels.