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It is the art of standing out, being chosen and gaining the trust of customers.

Why is building a brand so important?


Positioning is the process of analyzing and correctly placing the brand on the market. It is imperative to identify who you are, what you offer, how and to whom. It is used to “position” the brand in the minds of consumers, in relation to its market, its category and competitors.

At the end of the brand positioning procession, a company is in possess of those distinctive elements that make it different from the others. Recognizable, rememberable and acceptable in the public eye.

Good positioning, good strategy.


The strategy is needed to achieve long-term corporate goals. It is planning that binds brand behavior.

It regulates how to reach goals, respecting the identity, values, mission, and promise of the brand in relation to consumers. It is used to define how to operate, how to build and how to maintain the distinctive elements of the brand over time.

Good strategy, good sales.


Each company has its own style, its own face. A personality. A behavior. A unique way of presenting oneself to others, which identifies him and makes him remember.

An identity system provides a coherent visual ecosystem, necessary for building a brand, including all the elements that lead consumers to establish a connection with the brand.

Brand identity is not just a visual characterization. It is also the character connected to the products, to the communication, to the points of contact with the customer. It must therefore be thought of as an element that influences consumer choice, with reflections on sales results.

It may include:

  • Primary and secondary logo
  • Typography
  • Social template
  • Business card
  • Letter headings
  • Packaging & package design
  • Color palette
  • Mood board


For us, the logo is the visual summary of a set of values in which the company believes. It is the company transformed into a symbol, which recalls a concept or idea, and which appeals to a way of being and feeling.

It identifies you and makes the customers identify with you, making you remembered over time.

Having a suitable logo greatly facilitates market penetration.

ROSS Experience

This logo is intended for a customer who works in the motorsport industry, construction section.

We were asked to create a visual identification with an aggressive tone, with a direct and minimal message. A logo indicative of the company owner, which can communicate quality, speed of execution, professionalism in the racing environment.

Customer required constraint:

  • the logo must include the owner's initials: G and R.
  • The logo must be able to be characterized as the marketing campaigns or the different productions developed vary.
Ross logo secondary red Ross logo secondary blue
Ross logo secondary green Ross logo secondary yellow

TOTEM Automobili

Totem Automobili is a car manufacturer.

It redesigns and motors extraordinary parts of the Italian car company. Search for those works of art that have made the national brands famous in the world. It embodies the values of tradition and robustness. It reflects quality in every model made. It aims at uniqueness rather than the rarity.

Totem Automobili creates a fine and elegant restyling, entirely handmade and in step with the times, with new technologies.

Cleanliness, precision, minimalism, elegance, sportiness, uniqueness, tradition, taste.

These are essential elements of reference for the company, which beliefs in immutable values, as are his in the eternity of its products.

Totem Automobili is characterized as an independent manufacturer. It has an unmistakable style and its idea of "car". It cannot be associated with other brands or other categories, such as "rest-tuner" and "rest-modder". It has a real and distinct identity.

The maniacal care for every detail during the realization and the limited edition of very few models in production, make the company comparable to a jeweler.

In the same way, the function of the logo is to project this perception in the customer, from the first impact. By convex, the logo is a jewel, not trivial, and does not identify a company in a different sector.

The progression of the construction

It is necessary to maintain the above-mentioned variables in the achievement of:

  • Create a logo consistent with the current name

    The maintenance of the word "TOTEM" integrates immediate references to the logo, which must be traceable in geometry, mood palette, and construction.

    We are looking for a verticality, modularity, a sense of "stacking", a principle of royalty, a reference to robustness, a cornerstone of tradition.

  • Creating a logo with a geometry distinct from the competitors

    The average geometry of the logos used by competitors in the automotive sector makes use of circularity \ concentricity. Subsequently a crossed archetype, or predominant, with horizontal development takes over.

    The distinction in a "flat" environment like this one statistically presupposes the verticality of the logo.

    The choice of a geometry that can be framed in a rectangle of golden proportions, indicates distinction and harmony. It produces the fidelity between the figurative (nominal) combination and the visual reconnection of the company name (real): a totem. It gives a robust, minimal, and harmonious image. Rich of "anchors" of reference in the imaginary and the experience of the potential customer. It is traceable.

    The search for a geometry tending towards minimalism indicates the cleanliness of the design. It distinguishes a character of essentiality and luxury. It connects the client with the company's constructive mentality.

    • Statistically, as the complexity of the logos of the car manufacturers varies, there is a proportional increase in the invoice of the car and its costs (both for the realization and for the final customer).

      Complex geometry = Complex car

      Quantitative manufacturers: such as Mazda, Toyota, Fiat, Seat, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, (...)


      Qualitative manufacturers: Ferrari, Lotus, Maserati, Lamborghini, Porsche, (...).

      Totem Automobili is positioned in the high-end market. It produces each model entirely by hand, with the highest quality, also concerning customer side customization. It does not count on any seriality and produces a maximum of twenty pieces per production. The logo must look for complexity.

    The geometry must also show a direct connection with the name and make the figure it evokes remember.

    Not being a Latin word, but being an Italian company, the best choice to represent it falls on a typical plot of Italian design. A composed plot that represents, through modularity, the stacking of the various components of a totem.

  • Creating a material to reflect the "unique" experience of the Brand

    The logo is small in size and is positioned inside the car. A hidden jewel that reflects the philosophy of Totem Automobili and its products.

    1. The White Marble P on the sides provides a unique and never repeatable grain. It is a "living" object, never the same. It is one of the most important ornamental stones in the world, carved and produced in Italy. It is a material with which art objects are made, a symbol of excellence made in Italy in the world. Marble provides that fingerprint, distinctive from competitors and perceived by the customer. It shows elegance, tradition, and robustness. Something to believe in, appreciated by customers.

      Directly from the Michelangelo quarry, from which the famous sculptor obtained his blocks, Totem Automobili creates its seal, marking the robustness of the construction and the tradition of the frames and models that it reworks.

    2. Mother of Pearl boasts the same characteristics of uniqueness and unrepeatability as marble. It is a rare material, precious and difficult to work, used in jewelry and violin making.

      In its applications, it recalls the vintage status symbol of past years. Precisely the years to which Totem Automobili refers to make its restyles. Its Pearls.

    3. Alabaster and Onyx are other solutions.

  • Realize a characterization integrated with the geometry

    The characterization must reflect the character that each series will have. It manages the "humor" in the production and stands out inside the logo because it grants the distinctive "trait" that is the symbol of the new models.

    It allows a choice of colors and combinations of different materials for different productions.

    The path to characterization also implies motivations that go beyond the stylistic choice. The characterizing parts represent what is contained inside the frame, the engine compartment, and in the finishing. They represent the road that the company travels every day to achieve what it believes in. It represents the footprint of the tread on the asphalt and the stability with which it faces its challenges.

    They are the jewel in the jewel. They are the distinctive decoration of a luxury good. They are the attention to detail.

  • Reflecting elegance and prestige in geometry

    Inside the chassis, we find the construction quality of Totem Automobili.

    To symbolize the refinement of the company, in the logo we find two tiles characterized in material or color. Respectively the heart and mind of the company. They are the constants on which all models of any series rotate. That passion and technique that, from the idea of the project to its realization, constitute the lowest common denominator in every car. The signature.

    The crown, distinctive sign of the royalty and prestige of Totem Automobili.

  • Crafting a handmade product

    The Totem Automobili logo is a work of art that reflects its products. It is entirely handmade, piece by piece. As well as its components, the handwork on the logo shows its handcrafted side. It is a mosaic that represents an experience in the philosophy of the Brand since the first meeting.